Pax Nova - Planetary Update

Pax Nova - Planetary Update


Just writing to let you know that our 4X, turn-based strategy game Pax Nova (currently in Steam’s Early Access Program) will be receiving its biggest update to date TODAY – namely, the Planetary Update!

In this new update, you have much more control over the start of the game. For example, you can freely decide on galaxy and planet sizes, how many computer players/AI’s you want to begin with, and which factions and biomes you want to play on each planet.

The planets on which you can build and fight are also much more exciting. There are new types of terrain, new trees and natural wonders. Also, four biomes no longer look the same because of randomly generated lighting and new textures. In addition to this, the research tree has been greatly improved, and there are also some changes to the races and diplomacy which can be seen in the video below.

The press kit, including videos and screenshots, can be found here.
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